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IDLI India Deep Learning Initiative


IDLI-Indian Deep Learning Initiative. The main objective of this group is to promote deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) for AI, in India.


A) This is primarily a platform of Knowledge Sharing in AI/ML/DL and we would like to use it primarily to share and educate. Please feel free to reach out to people in the forum itself with queries related to knowledge/ideas/thoughts around AI/ML/DL only. Posts, queries of any other kind will be moderated/deleted. Please make sure to post a line before sharing a link / info - about the link and its relevance to AI/ML/DL according to you - to make sure the post is not deleted/moderated.

B) Regarding job postings and advertisements and other posts related to AI/ML/DL can be done only once a week on Saturdays. We would like to keep such postings under control and keep our primarily knowledge sharing objective as the primary one. Please feel free to connect to admins if you see any post which is like an advertisement etc. Amit Sethi, Jacob Minz, Biswa G Singh or Subrat Kumar Panda (admins)

C) If a member is found posting irrelevant comments etc - you will be removed/blocked or the post may be blocked. IDLI events are relevant postings. Papers/PPTs/Videos related to AI/DL/ML are relevant posts.

D) If a member's profile is found to be fake, you stand the chance to be removed from the group. This is because we have seen some fake profiles posting irrelevant stuff and using the forum for other purposes. We need real people contributing in this forum - Quality Vs Quantity.

E) For volunteering in any activity - please feel free to connect to the admins or campus coordinators. We have identified some campus coordinators - Anirban Santara is our coordinator for IIT Kharagpur, we will identify from other campuses and companies soon. Admins and other folks in the forum would be really happy to help you coordinate. Volunteers would be welcome.

F) If you are willing to coordinate or organize a meetup/talk at your campus/office/organization - please feel free to post in the forum or contact the admins if you are interested. We will help you facilitate that under the hood of IDLI.

G) All the talks presented as a part of the forum is there in the open for everyone to consume and we will not be storing anything locally or privately. This is very clearly along the lines of democratization of the field of AI.

H) Please make sure not to discuss any IP or Confidential Issues in this forum, IDLI or any of the members are not bound by any confidentiality. We are dedicated to openness and democratization and sharing of AI knowledge.

I) We will also be launching a mentoring platform, collaboration platform under the hood of IDLI which can be leveraged for other purposes. We will have the rules of these formulated later.

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