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Computer Vision for Face Recognition By - Dr. Satya Mallick

Computer Vision for Face Recognition By - Dr. Satya Mallick - Saturday, April 8 at 10:00 PM IST

Dr. Satya Mallick is the founder of Big Vision LLC, a San Diego, California based company that specializes in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence consulting services and products. He is also the principal author of a popular computer vision blog Click here!

Dr. Mallick is an accomplished computer vision and machine learning scientist and engineer. He has worked on a variety of problems including face processing ( detection, recognition ), object recognition using deep learning, computational photography, augmented reality, document analysis, 3D reconstruction, medical image processing, and 3D cryo-electron microscopy to name a few. He has published several research papers in top notch conferences and journals.

Below is the video on online session:

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