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How to add tutorial :

Step 1: Create you content ready.

Step 2: Download format file from: Here!

Step 3: Find out, how you can add link, image or ayother stuff in your article: Click here!

Step 4: Save your file-name in this format:

Example: 2017-31-12-TITLE OF

Step 5: To publish you article, goto IDLI github repository. IDLI GitHub Repository: click here!

Step 6: Create new brach their.

Step 7: Go to "_papers" folder

Step 8: Upload you newly created "" file

Step 9: Commit the change. (When you complete uploading, check at bottom of the website, you can see the commit button)

Step 10: Now wait, till IDLI's response.

Step 11: Congratulations! Your article on IDLI website, share article on social sites, share knowledge.

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